Skilled Teachers, Skilled Nation
The objective of this programmatic South-South knowledge exchange, “Skilled Teachers, Skilled Nation”, was to support governments in Central Asia (CA) in improving the effectiveness of their investments in teachers. The program organized five knowledge exchange (KE) events from October 2021 to September 2023, w
Following the Carbon for Clean Energy in Asia
Over 80% of worldwide new coal-fired power plants due to begin operating between now and 2020 will be in middle-income countries in Asia: China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Pakistan.
Receiving country: China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam
Strengthening Community Justice Systems in Melanesia
Effective and transparent dispute resolution systems are prerequisites to the inclusive development of the South Pacific countries of Vanuatu and Solomon Islands. Besides formal courts, these countries support community justice systems, which blend state and non-state processes and integrate customary law and lay persons as decision-makers.
Providing country: Papua New Guinea, Philippines
Receiving country: Solomon Islands, Vanuatu
Kosovo Study Tour on Migration Policies
Emigration from Kosovo is among the highest in the world. Many households in the country have a family member living abroad, a situation caused by a poor economy and the armed conflict of the late 1990s.
Providing country: Philippines, Jordan
Receiving country: Kosovo
Learning Innovative Participatory Approaches in Addressing Informal Settlement Issues
The Government of Bangladesh recognized a need to ensure secure and affordable housing options for its urban poor at a time of rapid urban expansion. Toward this objective, the Government moved to develop a national framework for providing housing and shelter options for the urban poor and most vulnerable.
Providing country: India, Philippines
Receiving country: Bangladesh
Enhancing Capacity to Build ICT-sector Skills in Africa
Growth in the Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing sector (IT-BPO) can transform a country’s economy and improve the lives of its citizens. No country is a better example than India, which has achieved phenomenal growth in this sector.
Providing country: India, Philippines, Korea, Republic of
Supporting National Road Infrastructure Planning in the South Caucasus
Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia are investing heavily in their transport sectors, which will help stimulate economic growth and reduce poverty.
Providing country: China, Philippines
Receiving country: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia
Improving Capacity for Migration Management in Europe and Central Asia
Every year, approximately 10 million migrant workers from the lower-income Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) head to Russia and other middle-income CIS countries to seek employment and provide a livelihood for their families.1 Many migrant laborers remit funds to their home countries to support their extended families.
Providing country: Philippines, Russian Federation
Achieving Carbon Neutrality in the Maldives by Improving Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs
As part of its effort to reach carbon neutrality and mitigate against climate change threats, the Government of the Maldives began to modernize its fragmented, inefficient, and carbon-based electricity generation capabilities.
Providing country: Philippines, Jamaica, Reunion
Receiving country: Maldives
Learning from Community Driven Development (CDD) Models for Better Economic and Social Development Outcomes
As in many other East Asian countries, the number of people living in poverty in Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Vietnam has declined in the past decade. However, persisting poverty in less advantaged geographic areas and ethnic groups is still a challenge.
Receiving country: Cambodia, Vietnam
Piloting and Scaling-up Grievance Redress Mechanisms in Social Safety Net Projects in Egypt and the West Bank and Gaza
As project teams in Egypt and the West Bank and Gaza prepared to embark on piloting and subsequent scaling up of grievance redress mechanisms (GRMs) in their social safety net projects, this knowledge exchange with the Philippines was designed to enhance the skills of grievance officers and the complaint handling units of each participating mini
Providing country: Philippines