Represented by Ministry of Finance Partner since Participated in 13 Exchanges as a knowledge provider. Participated in 8 Exchanges as a knowledge recipient. Results Stories of Knowledge Exchanges involving Indonesia

Indonesia is a South-South Facility partner since 2013. The Government of Indonesia contributed US$1.5 million to the facility and embedded South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) at the core of its development cooperation policy framework. Indonesia recognizes SSTC as an effective development instrument that can be precisely tailored to the needs of each developing country. Since 2012, Indonesia participated in 24 SSF-funded knowledge exchanges. Indonesia’s development experience has been shared with other countries in areas such as local governance, environment, urban transport, nutrition and health. Indonesia is the fifth largest knowledge recipient under SSF, and is currently participating in a programmatic knowledge exchange on low carbon energy and combating climate change.