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Denmark is one of the founding members of the South-South Facility and has contributed a total of US$1.95 million to the program in 2008 and 2009. When the SSF introduced support for triangular knowledge sharing, Denmark also became a knowledge provider in a number of SSF-funded knowledge  exchanges. For example, in support of a transition process to low-carbon energy in Asia, Denmark is sharing its expertise on renewable energy with developing countries.


Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) is still using hand signals at nearly all traffic intersections. To reduce pollution and manage heavy traffic, DMP and agencies related to transport needed to learn to appreciate and finish implementation of a basic traffic signal system for key intersections throughout the city.

Through study tours to key cities in India and China that have learned to manage traffic signal systems, members of DMP and other agencies in charge of Dhaka’s urban transport sector learned from peers about different generations of traffic signal systems and how to manage them through an effective inter-agency coordination. The exchange raised awareness of the importance of having an urban traffic signal system, while building both the skills and consensus to bring key authorities together in Dhaka to implement it.

Date 11-03-2018
Countries Denmark
Topic Climate Change, Transportation, Urban Development