Represented by Presidential Agency for Social Action and International Cooperation (APC-Colombia) Partner since Participated in 25 Exchanges as a knowledge provider. Participated in 2 Exchanges as a knowledge recipient. Results Stories of Knowledge Exchanges involving Colombia

Colombia is a long-standing promoter and practitioner of South-South cooperation. South-South is a key axis of Colombia’s foreign policy as it promotes exchange and integration, and contributes to develop capacities. In 2018, Colombia was involved in 400 South-South cooperation initiatives. The Government of Colombia considers countries from the global South as a tremendous source of tested and innovative development solutions, which are highly relevant to countries that find themselves in similar conditions.  

Colombia contributed US$1.5 million to the South-South Facility in 2010, and is the 3rd largest knowledge provider in SSF-funded exchanges. Over the past ten years, Colombia participated in 22 exchanges as knowledge provider, sharing its expertise in areas such as investment planning, waste management, sustainable agriculture, statistics, urban planning, urban transport, nutrition and disaster risk management.