Engaging the Indigenous in Honduras’ Development
In Honduras, Afro-descendent and indigenous groups are among the poorest in the country, and lack a voice in development. The government approved a plan to involve them in development, and also created a Ministry to promote their welfare.
Receiving country: Honduras
South-South Exchange on Population and Agricultural Censuses in Bolivia
Bolivia recognized during the preparation and implementation of the National Population and Housing Census (NPHC) and the National Agricultural Census (NAC), that there was a need to strengthen its statistical and information systems for monitoring and accountability.
Providing country: Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador
Receiving country: Bolivia
Implementing Multidimensional Measures of Well-being in Bolivia: Learning from Bhutan, Ecuador, and Mexico
The Exchange gathered experts from Bhutan, Ecuador, and Mexico to share knowledge with Bolivian government officials on “measuring” the concept of buen vivir (literally, living well) across monetary and nonmonetary dimensions of social development.
Providing country: Bhutan, Mexico, Ecuador
Receiving country: Bolivia