Peer Learning on Integrated Urban Transformation
Rapid urbanization has the potential to improve the well-being of societies. If managed prudently, it can transform the development course of economies.
Providing country: Colombia, South Africa, Indonesia
Following the Carbon for Clean Energy in Asia
Over 80% of worldwide new coal-fired power plants due to begin operating between now and 2020 will be in middle-income countries in Asia: China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Pakistan.
Receiving country: China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam
Building Value-based Health Service Delivery Systems in Vietnam
Health systems around the world are working to tackle the challenge of ageing populations and a rising burden of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and chronic conditions.
Providing country: China
Receiving country: Vietnam
Strengthening Procurement Audit and Inspection of Public Investment Projects in Vietnam
In the light of rapid economic growth and increasing investments, the Inspectorate Department of Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPII) faced challenges arising from an increased workload as well as integrity issues including fraud and corruption.
Providing country: China
Receiving country: Vietnam
Enhancing the Administrative Capacity of Vietnam’s Ministry of Health to License Medical Professionals
Countries must license medical professionals to ensure health safety and service quality. Vietnam’s Ministry of Health (MOH) was tasked with developing a medical registration and licensing system for Vietnam that would meet Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) standards.
Providing country: Singapore, Thailand, China
Receiving country: Vietnam
Strengthening Social Protection in Vietnam
To help reduce poverty, the Government of Vietnam sought to consolidate and modernize social protection programs. Vietnamese officials visited China and India to learn about ways to design, target, and manage social protection and social insurance programs.
Providing country: China, India
Receiving country: Vietnam
Learning from Community Driven Development (CDD) Models for Better Economic and Social Development Outcomes
As in many other East Asian countries, the number of people living in poverty in Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Vietnam has declined in the past decade. However, persisting poverty in less advantaged geographic areas and ethnic groups is still a challenge.
Receiving country: Cambodia, Vietnam
Improving Urban Transportation in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Like other cities in rapidly industrializing Vietnam, fast-growing Ho Chi Minh City must invest in urban transportation, including new and better roads, a metro network, and a modern bus rapid transit (BRT) system.
Providing country: Indonesia, China, Colombia, Brazil
Receiving country: Vietnam
Supporting Administrative Reform of Social Security in Vietnam
The government of Vietnam (GOV) wanted to reform its inadequate and corrupt social security administration in favor of a modern, fair, and transparent system. Although the government had outlined a strategy, it felt that the country did not have the institutional capacity to implement it, and so it looked to the World Bank for help.
Providing country: Latvia, Bulgaria, Turkey
Receiving country: Vietnam
Establishing e-Government Procurement in Vietnam: A Learning Tour with Chile on the Public-Private Partnership Process
The Government of Vietnam wanted to establish e-government procurement (eGP) using a public-private partnership (PPP) model to improve government transparency.  However, Vietnam lacked the know-how for contracting with service providers who could install the e-system.
Providing country: Chile
Receiving country: Vietnam
Establishing a Municipal Development Fund for Enhanced Financing of Infrastructure: Vietnam-Colombia Exchange
To strengthen municipal infrastructure financing as part of a larger urban development plan, Vietnam participated in an exchange with Colombia. The Vietnamese learned about the institutional, legal, regulatory, and operational frameworks of municipal development funds (MDFs).
Providing country: Colombia
Receiving country: Vietnam
Restructuring Vietnam’s Financial Sector and State-owned Enterprises
To ensure that Vietnam’s macroeconomic and structural policies could contribute to sustainable economic growth in the wake of the 2008-2009 global economic crisis, government officials participated in an exchange with Indonesia, Mexico, and Chile.
Providing country: Indonesia, Mexico, Chile
Receiving country: Vietnam
Improving Livelihoods of the Rural Poor in Vietnam
To address disproportionately high rates of poverty among ethnic minorities, the Government of Vietnam planned several national assistance projects in the poorest regions of the country.
Providing country: Bolivia, Brazil
Receiving country: Vietnam