Enhancing regional knowledge on effective participatory development models to address Fragility, Conflict and Violence risks in West and Central Africa
Building on previous knowledge-exchange initiatives at the World Bank, this platform aimed to: (i) consolidate operational knowledge on participatory local development and service delivery in Fragile, Conflict and Violence (FCV) contexts in the region; (ii) support the sharing of this knowledge between neighboring countries wit
Establishing a Land Administration System in Liberia
Liberia is at a critical stage in its peace building and development process, given the multiple challenges the country is facing. One of the key challenges is insecure tenure and the absence of a functioning land administration system.
Providing country: Ghana, Rwanda
Receiving country: Liberia
Strengthening nutrition programs in West African countries
The Governments of Senegal, Ghana, and the Gambia sought to strengthen their capacity to reduce rates of malnutrition. Through a series of peer reviews in nutrition, officials from these countries identified new directions for reform, and enhanced their skills and commitment to design nutrition programs.
Providing country: Senegal, Ghana, Gambia, The
Receiving country: Senegal, Ghana, Gambia, The
Environmental Regulation in India’s Odisha State
In 1995, with technical assistance from the World Bank, Indonesia introduced its Program for Pollution Control Evaluation and Rating (PROPER), the first such environmental rating and disclosure (ERD) initiative in the developing world.
Providing country: Indonesia, Ghana
Receiving country: India