Knowledge Exchange on National Policies and Large-Scale Jurisdictional Programs to Reduce Deforestation and Forest Fires
Healthy forests, landscapes, and terrestrial ecosystems provide services that are critical for people and economies, such as biodiversity habitat, clean water, climate regulation, erosion prevention, crop pollination, soil fertility, and flood control.
Providing country: Brazil
Peer Learning on Integrated Urban Transformation
Rapid urbanization has the potential to improve the well-being of societies. If managed prudently, it can transform the development course of economies.
Providing country: Colombia, South Africa, Indonesia
Following the Carbon for Clean Energy in Asia
Over 80% of worldwide new coal-fired power plants due to begin operating between now and 2020 will be in middle-income countries in Asia: China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Pakistan.
Receiving country: China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam
Empowering the Poor in Indonesia
With assistance of the Bank and other donors, Indonesia has supported a National Program for Community Empowerment (PNPM), which has helped more than 70,000 villages prioritize needs and access community grants for development projects.
Providing country: India, Nepal
Receiving country: Indonesia
Meeting Indonesia’s Urban Development Challenge: South-South Exchange on National Urban Programs
The Government of Indonesia was seeking options for local government infrastructural development in its growing urban areas as means to support its urban development agenda and implementation of decentralization.
Providing country: Colombia
Receiving country: Indonesia
Improving Performance Audit Capacity in Indonesia: Toward a More Effective and Efficient Government
Indonesia sought to improve performance audit capacity of its Supreme Audit Institution (BPK) by sharpening staff skills, revamping training modules, and building relationships with more developed auditing institutions.
Providing country: South Africa
Receiving country: Indonesia
Improving Logistics in Indonesia
Indonesia faced deficiencies in trade and logistics that increased the costs of transporting goods and threatened its competitiveness.  The Government, with support of the World Bank, sought to develop and implement a strategy to improve logistics.
Providing country: Thailand
Receiving country: Indonesia
Sharing Experiences for Smart Grid Transformation: Indonesia and Brazil
To promote efficiency and transparency in Indonesia’s power transmission and distribution system, senior officials and core technical staff in Indonesia’s power sector sought to exchange ideas with their Brazilian counterparts on conditions for and benefits of adopting smart grid technologies, understanding how smart grid applications work for u
Providing country: Brazil
Receiving country: Indonesia