Latin America and the Caribbean Housing and Habitat South-South Knowledge Exchange
There are serious constraints to guaranteeing adequate housing in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region. The housing shortage problem is a result of (i) historically insufficient stock of available houses for the population - i.e. quantitative housing deficit; (ii) new demand (e.g.
Improving Land Administration in Ethiopia
To speed the transition from subsistence to commercial agriculture, Ethiopia recognized that it needed to reform its land administration. However, the country’s mechanisms for enforcing property rights, lowering transaction costs, and encouraging investment in land were weak.
Providing country: Vietnam, Thailand
Receiving country: Ethiopia
Improving Logistics in Indonesia
Indonesia faced deficiencies in trade and logistics that increased the costs of transporting goods and threatened its competitiveness.  The Government, with support of the World Bank, sought to develop and implement a strategy to improve logistics.
Providing country: Thailand
Receiving country: Indonesia
Modernizing Myanmar’s Budget System and Practices: Learning from Thailand’s Successes and Challenges
The Government of Myanmar recognized the need to reform public financial management as part of a broader effort to restore fair and accountable governance, build the country’s economy, and promote national reconciliation after decades of military rule.
Providing country: Thailand
Receiving country: Myanmar
Learning to Build National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) in South Asia
The Internet has become an integral part of the delivery of quality education nearly worldwide, except in countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal that lack easy, cost-effective Internet access. Wanting to address this academic isolation and improve higher education, these four countries approached the World Bank for help.
Providing country: Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam
Receiving country: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal
Enhancing the Administrative Capacity of Vietnam’s Ministry of Health to License Medical Professionals
Countries must license medical professionals to ensure health safety and service quality. Vietnam’s Ministry of Health (MOH) was tasked with developing a medical registration and licensing system for Vietnam that would meet Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) standards.
Providing country: Singapore, Thailand, China
Receiving country: Vietnam