Cost-effective and climate-resilient bridge construction in Nepal
The development goal of this knowledge exchange was to improve the bridge construction and maintenance practices in Nepal across the following themes:
Providing country: Bangladesh
Receiving country: Nepal
Improving Land Acquisition and Resettlement in Uganda
Development in Uganda, especially in the energy and mineral sectors, increasingly involves land acquisition and involuntary resettlement, which can lead to loss of assets and livelihoods.
Providing country: Bangladesh
Receiving country: Uganda
Building successful microfinance in rural areas in the Kyrgyz Republic
Up to 60 percent of rural households in the Kyrgyz Republic live in poverty, including 19 percent in extreme poverty.  Rural households spend 74 percent of their incomes on food. At the same time, the Kyrgyz Republic had experienced some of the most severe food price shocks in Central Asia.
Providing country: Bangladesh
Receiving country: Kyrgyz Republic
Strengthening Municipal Financing Mechanisms in Tajikistan
Following its independence in 1991, Tajikistan went through a devastating, six-year-long civil war, which left the country financially strained.
Providing country: Bangladesh, Georgia
Receiving country: Tajikistan
Bringing Electricity to Rural Communities in Yemen
Yemen successfully provides electricity to urban areas, but many rural areas remain underserved. Although the Government of Yemen (GOY) had outlined a rural electrification plan, it lacked clarity on how to create, operate, and supervise the new nationwide Rural Electric Service Provider (RESP) .
Providing country: Bangladesh
Receiving country: Yemen, Republic of
Learning from Community Driven Development (CDD) Models for Better Economic and Social Development Outcomes
As in many other East Asian countries, the number of people living in poverty in Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Vietnam has declined in the past decade. However, persisting poverty in less advantaged geographic areas and ethnic groups is still a challenge.
Receiving country: Cambodia, Vietnam
Improving Population Health Outcomes in Africa’s Sahel Region
Many Sahel countries in Africa are expected to nearly double their population by 2030 due to high fertility rates.
Providing country: Bangladesh
Receiving country: Mali, Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso, Mauritania