Building a skilled workforce in Tunisia
Typically, attaining high education is expected to increase one’s probability of joining the labor force. In Tunisia, people with high education face a high probability of being unemployed. More than half of the Tunisian working-age population remains outside the labor force.
Providing country: Malaysia
Receiving country: Tunisia
Strengthening Open Government in Tunisia
In the wake of the Jasmine revolution, the Government of Tunisia made it a priority to improve government accountability and openness.  One way it sought to do so was through information and communication technologies (ICT). In 2011, the Government considered joining the Open Government Partnership (OGP).
Providing country: Brazil, Kenya
Receiving country: Tunisia
Improving telecom services in Tunisia and Mauritania
To ensure universal access to affordable telecommunications services, Tunisian and Mauritanian officials engaged in an exchange with Turkey on ways to reform and liberalize their telecom sectors, with an emphasis on broadband.
Providing country: Turkey, Tunisia
Receiving country: Mauritania, Tunisia
Decentralization and Local Government Development Exchange between Tunisia and Turkey
The Government of Tunisia sought to move forward its decentralization agenda in response to citizens’ demands for more accountable, effective, and efficient government.
Providing country: Turkey
Receiving country: Tunisia