Improving telecom services in Tunisia and Mauritania
To ensure universal access to affordable telecommunications services, Tunisian and Mauritanian officials engaged in an exchange with Turkey on ways to reform and liberalize their telecom sectors, with an emphasis on broadband.
Providing country: Turkey, Tunisia
Receiving country: Mauritania, Tunisia
Building Capacity to Develop Mauritania’s Livestock Value Chain
In order to establish a red meat export initiative to fulfill its potential to be one of the top livestock industries, the Government of Mauritania learned from Zambia’s experience.  Lessons from the study tour resulted in policy changes; some were integrated into a feasibility study.
Providing country: Zambia
Receiving country: Mauritania
Improving Population Health Outcomes in Africa’s Sahel Region
Many Sahel countries in Africa are expected to nearly double their population by 2030 due to high fertility rates.
Providing country: Bangladesh
Receiving country: Mali, Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso, Mauritania