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The economic recession in 2015 in Brazil was exacerbated by a weak public sector internal control system (PIC), which was not strong enough to curb corruption. Brazil, whose democratic constitution stemmed only from 1988, needed to learn to how to approach strengthening PIC. In response to Brazil’s request for assistance, the World Bank organized a knowledge exchange for key Brazilian officials to learn from peers in Bulgaria and Croatia, countries which had undergone significant PIC reforms as part of successful efforts to join the European Union (EU). 

The government of Moldova has been pursuing reforms to strengthen corporate financial reporting (CFR) since the mid-1990s, but by mid 2009 the system still had shortcomings.  The GOM did not have a clear understanding of key sections of the Country Action Plan (CAP) for reforming corporate financial reporting that the World Bank had helped create.  

A fundamental prerequisite for successfully growing an economy today is affordable, efficient, and widespread access to Internet services. But many countries are still in the process of creating the necessary foundations for transitioning to an information society. One of  them is the Kyrgyz Republic that, nevertheless, aims for offering full-scale access to the Internet in all populated parts of the country by 2017.

Strong property rights crucial Uncertainty over land tenure can have several negative conse­quences. It hampers potential investments and land market transactions; generates conflict; and disproportionately affects poor rural farmers, indigenous communities, and especially poor women.

To ensure its exports are competitive on international markets, the Government of Uzbekistan sought to upgrade its national quality infrastructure (NQI), supporting standardization, accreditation, certification, and metrology (measurement). Through an exchange with Croatia, Uzbekistani officials increased their awareness of policy options and clarified next steps for modernizing the country’s NQI in line with EU and international requirements.