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Complementing a Bank-financed project, transport officials and provincial governors from Lao PDR visited South Africa to learn from its national roads agency and other organizations. Delegates increased their skills in road administration, asset management, and public-private partnerships. Laotian officials leveraged know-how to introduce pilot PPPs and identify ways to improve the country’s road administration agency.



In 2003, India, Brazil, and South Africa signed a Trilateral Agreement (IBSA) establishing a mechanism for South-South cooperation among these countries and other developing nations to advance inclusive sustainable development and to counter marginalization.
India’s economy grew at a rate of 8 to 9 percent annually over the past decade. This growth has increased the demand for transportation, as well as the need for investment in infrastructure and operation. Creating a strong transport infrastructure is pivotal for social and economic development in India.
However, the country lacks an integrated, sustainable, reliable, and safe transport system.

Tanzania is highly vulnerable to climate shocks, and droughts, floods, and tropical storms are likely to become more intense and unpredictable as the earth warms. Current climate variability already inflicts significant economic hardship on Tanzania, which is largely dependent on agriculture. A devastating drought in 2005 and 2006 affected millions of people, particularly those who relied on subsistence crops for food and income, and resulted in high economic costs.