Belize, Honduras, Jamaica, and Mexico Work Together to Strengthen Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Programs
Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programs in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) have improved the lives of millions of poor households across the region by improving children’s education and health (human capital), reducing poverty, and ensuring a minimum income for the poorest households.
Providing country: Mexico, Jamaica
Receiving country: Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, Belize
St. Lucia and the Caribbean Collaborate to Support “At-Risk” Boys
St. Lucia and many of its Caribbean neighbors face a growing problem with keeping boys out of trouble. From leaving school, turning to crime, and abusing drugs and alcohol, the risky behaviors caused by unemployment and poverty contribute to social tensions and threaten tourist industry growth, which is so vital to Caribbean island economies.
Providing country: Brazil, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama
Receiving country: St. Lucia
Applying Social Guarantee Approaches in the Eastern Caribbean
The World Bank’s 2006 Poverty Assessment Study outlined weaknesses in poverty reduction strategies in St. Lucia common to Caribbean countries. The St.
Achieving Carbon Neutrality in the Maldives by Improving Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs
As part of its effort to reach carbon neutrality and mitigate against climate change threats, the Government of the Maldives began to modernize its fragmented, inefficient, and carbon-based electricity generation capabilities.
Providing country: Philippines, Jamaica, Reunion
Receiving country: Maldives