Promote Rural Development for Communities around Protected Areas
In October 2019, the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Directorate of Wildlife and National Parks, in partnership with the Namibia Association of Community-Based Natural Resources Management Support Organizations (NASCO), facilitated a seven-day study tour to Namibia for a delegation from South Africa.
Providing country: Namibia, South Africa
Receiving country: South Africa, Namibia
Comprehensive Climate Change Planning in Tanzania
Tanzania is highly vulnerable to climate shocks, and droughts, floods, and tropical storms are likely to become more intense and unpredictable as the earth warms. Current climate variability already inflicts significant economic hardship on Tanzania, which is largely dependent on agriculture.
Providing country: Mexico, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia
Receiving country: Tanzania
Reviving and Improving the Diamond Industries of Armenia and Lesotho
The dismantling of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s led to the near collapse of the Armenian diamond cutting industry, which after a brief period of growth in the early 2000s has again declined. To rebuild the industry using global best practices and to increase access to raw diamonds, the Armenian government contacted the World Bank.
Receiving country: Armenia, Lesotho