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Moldova is highly dependent on energy import, which carries risks in the form of possible disruptions in the supply of energy and negative effects on the country's account balances. Like many other republics of the former Soviet Union, Moldova has suffered from an outdated and deteriorating infrastructure. This causes inefficiencies that further drive up the already high costs for energy, with negative consequences especially for the wellbeing of society’s vulnerable groups.

To improve solid waste management and reduce harmful emissions and their negative impacts on the environment, the Government of Romania participated in an exchange with Turkey. They gained a broader understanding of the technical components of waste management, innovative methods to convert waste into energy, and the importance of a strong waste management plan to sustainable economic and green growth.


To modernize its baccalaureate exams and make its outcomes assessment system of student learning more transparent and reliable, the Government of Moldova participated in a learning exchange with Romania. As a result of the exchange, Moldova significantly increased its knowledge and ability to develop a modernized and more comprehensive, robust and safe testing system.


Challenges in land administration, such as weak property rights and unequal distribution, have threatened the pace of economic growth in Honduras. The Government has prioritized improving land administration services, which included adopting a unified cadaster and land registration system. Through the Second Phase of its Land Administration Program (PATH II) and other means, the World Bank has supported Honduras.

Moldova recognized a need to modernize its accounting and auditing education curriculum and professional development as part of a national effort to improve corporate reporting and macro-economic stability. Moldovan accounting experts participated in an exchange with Romania from whom they learned modern curricula development and teaching techniques. Moldova was able to begin a reform of its university curriculum and prepare for international certifications of its programs.