Step 3. Design & Develop the Knowledge Exchange

In Step 3 you will:

Together, you and the knowledge exchange participants will design the knowledge exchange journey to achieve the intermediate outcomes. Envisioning and mapping the journey is an iterative process that extends well into implementation as you must balance upfront planning with adaptive learning that allows you to react to emerging lessons from implementation.

Your task is to closely link the design and selection of knowledge exchange vehicles/instruments with the intermediate outcomes sought by the participants. Also keep in mind that the learning needs and interests of the stakeholders may shift during implementation, especially when addressing a complex challenge where the capacities to tackle the problems are often distributed across actors and no one actor is in full control of progress towards an objective. For example, interactions during multi-stakeholder dialogues, study tours, or conferences may give rise to new ideas, generate different perspectives on complex reform problems and solutions, or require learning on topics unforeseen during the design phase. Therefore, complex challenges tend to require multiple interventions, testing, and iteration