LAP / Latino América Pedalea (Latin America Cycles) A community of practice to support pro-cycling awareness, delivery capacity, and governance through intersectoral cooperation
As Latin American cities continue to evolve in their efforts to encourage more people to cycle through improved planning and design, authorities face challenges like weak stakeholder engagement that hinder their ability to implement cycling infrastructure.
Providing country: Mexico, Colombia
Receiving country: Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador
Lessons Spread to Combat Malnutrition in Central America
Chronic malnutrition, or stunting, is a serious problem in Central America. Stunting rates in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama are greater than 20 percent and the cost of malnutrition in these countries is estimated to range from 2.3 to 11.4 percent of GDP.1 A growing number of studies show that community-based growth
Providing country: Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama
Building Efficient Municipal Enterprises for Better Delivery of Basic Public Services in Quito, Ecuador
The commitment of the Metropolitan Municipality of Quito (MMQ) to provide access to adequate sustainable public services has been undermined by its inefficient and financially dependent enterprises.
Providing country: Colombia
Receiving country: Ecuador
Integration of transport and urban planning exchange
The growing and suburbanizing Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito (MDMQ), Ecuador needs to improve its transportation systems to keep pace with demand and give poor and vulnerable groups better access to social and economic opportunities.
Providing country: Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico
Receiving country: Ecuador