Improving Foundational Learning Outcomes in Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique and Sierra Leone - Lessons from CearĂ¡ State in Brazil
Knowledge exchange and peer learning activities were carried out for education officials from Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria (Edo state & national government) and Sierra Leone seeking to learn from the CearĂ¡ state in Brazil.
Providing country: Brazil
Receiving country: Mozambique, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone
Scaling Up Digital Citizen Engagement
The World Bank Group (WBG) aims to integrate Citizen Engagement (CE) systematically into its operations, particularly emphasizing inclusion and empowerment of citizen participation.
Providing country: South Africa
Strengthening the Disability Inclusion Agenda in Cameroon, Nigeria and Sierra Leone
A knowledge exchange and peer learning program were carried out virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions through a series of webinars, bringing together practitioners and representatives of key ministries and public agencies, as well as Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and Organizat
Providing country: Cameroon, Nigeria, Sierra Leone
Receiving country: Cameroon, Nigeria, Sierra Leone
Enhancing Natural Resource Management in Africa
The governments of Cameroon and Ghana wanted to use oil and gas revenues more effectively to promote economic growth and reduce poverty. They also wanted to improve transparency and accountability in the sector.
Providing country: Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, South Africa