Following the Carbon for Clean Energy in Asia
Over 80% of worldwide new coal-fired power plants due to begin operating between now and 2020 will be in middle-income countries in Asia: China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Pakistan.
Receiving country: China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam
Coding Bootcamps for Women in Pakistan
Employing women in the digital economy is a significant step in ensuring inclusiveness. In Pakistan, according to the Global Gender Gap Report 2017, women make 25.7% of the whole labor force, but this number is much lower in the tech sector, only 14%, as per a study conducted by P@SHA1 in 2012.
Providing country: Kenya
Receiving country: Pakistan
Reshaping Pakistan’s Agricultural Innovation Systems and Research: Learning from the Experience of EMBRAPA Brazil
The Government of Pakistan initiated a reform process for the country’s agriculture research system.
Providing country: Brazil
Receiving country: Pakistan