Improving Education through Information and Communication Technologies in Armenia and Tatarstan, Russia
The Governments of the Republic of Armenia and Tatarstan shared a similar aim: to improve the quality of their respective education system through the use of information and communications technology (ICT).
Providing country: Uruguay, Argentina
Receiving country: Armenia, Russian Federation
Routine Maintenance of Rural Roads through the Concept of Microenterprises: Experience of Peru and Bolivia and its Applicability to Armenia
The Government of Armenia sought to develop a means of maintaining its roads system to assure sustained access of its rural communities to markets and services. In 2008, it launched the Lifeline Road Network Development Program to stimulate economic growth and contribute to poverty reduction by improving a selected network of lifeline roads.
Providing country: Peru, Bolivia
Receiving country: Armenia
Supporting National Road Infrastructure Planning in the South Caucasus
Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia are investing heavily in their transport sectors, which will help stimulate economic growth and reduce poverty.
Providing country: China, Philippines
Receiving country: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia
Improving Capacity for Migration Management in Europe and Central Asia
Every year, approximately 10 million migrant workers from the lower-income Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) head to Russia and other middle-income CIS countries to seek employment and provide a livelihood for their families.1 Many migrant laborers remit funds to their home countries to support their extended families.
Providing country: Philippines, Russian Federation
Reviving and Improving the Diamond Industries of Armenia and Lesotho
The dismantling of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s led to the near collapse of the Armenian diamond cutting industry, which after a brief period of growth in the early 2000s has again declined. To rebuild the industry using global best practices and to increase access to raw diamonds, the Armenian government contacted the World Bank.
Receiving country: Armenia, Lesotho