Improving Treasury Operations in the Philippines
Weaknesses in public financial management (PFM), such as fragmented public accounts and inadequate capacity in budget monitoring and execution, posed risks to governance and anti-corruption efforts in the Philippines.
Providing country: Russian Federation
Receiving country: Philippines
Strengthening a municipal water utility in Tajikistan
Water utilities in Tajikistan and other post-Soviet countries faced challenges in upgrading infrastructure and modernizing operations. Complementing a World Bank project, officials from a water utility in Dushanbe engaged in an exchange with a utility in St. Petersburg, Russia to learn how it had revitalized its performance.
Providing country: Russian Federation
Receiving country: Tajikistan
Improving Capacity for Migration Management in Europe and Central Asia
Every year, approximately 10 million migrant workers from the lower-income Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) head to Russia and other middle-income CIS countries to seek employment and provide a livelihood for their families.1 Many migrant laborers remit funds to their home countries to support their extended families.
Providing country: Philippines, Russian Federation