Step 1: Identify the Development Goal

What beneficial results do the stakeholders, including key beneficiaries, seek to achieve?

The development goal focuses on a major objective your stakeholders hope to achieve. It derives from a long-term regional, national, or local development strategy. The knowledge exchange initiative should bring your stakeholders closer to realizing this goal by targeting the institutional constraints preventing its achievement.

An effective development goal is locally owned and provides clear economic and social value to stakeholders. In most cases, the knowledge exchange initiative will be part of a program that targets a specific development goal. Sometimes an exchange can be used to build group consensus on the development goal itself. Either way, it is important to recognize that a knowledge exchange initiative on its own will not achieve the development goal, but will contribute to it.

Tanzania and India Exchange — Development Goal

The development goal in Tanzania was to improve nutrition and income in rural areas and increase economic growth

Honduras, Nicaragua, and Colombia Exchange — Development Goal

The development goal in Honduras was to promote the sustainable development of indigenous communities while respecting their social and cultural vision