Step 1: Determine the Change Objective(s)

What results will help overcome the institutional challenges?

A change objective is the change your clients and stakeholders believe will best address the institutional challenge(s) they’ve identified. Work with your counterparts and stakeholders to answer the question “How will we know when we have achieved the desired change? What will be different?” Their answers will shape the change objective and ensure that the knowledge exchange targets measurable results. When translating an institutional challenge into a change objective, use action verbs to describe the desired results.

Make sure the change objective is

  • relevant to your clients and other stakeholders.
  • timely, in that stakeholders are ready to make changes.
  • consistent with other changes or activities they are implementing.
  • a good match with their social norms and values.

Common Trap

  • Deciding to conduct a knowledge exchange initiative that may include, for instance, a study tour or a conference before anchoring the exchange can waste money and effort.

Tanzania and India Exchange — Change Objective in Light of Institutional Challenge

Institutional ChallengeChange Objective

Policies have not resulted in effective dairy cooperatives and supply chains.Reduce number of regulations, and improve efficacy of regulatory processes.

The operational efficiency of the NDDB and the Ministry of Agriculture are weak.Reduce time for dairy cooperatives to meet regulatory requirements of the NDDB and the Ministry of Agriculture.