Increasing youth employment in ICTs in Jamaica
To engage youth in the global market for ICT applications, senior leaders from Jamaica’s Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy, and Mining (MSTEM) and its partners sought to develop and launch a regional technology incubation hub providing seed capital, training, and networking opportunities to entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to market.
Providing country: Chile
Receiving country: Jamaica
Jamaica Learns from Malaysia to Develop Education Leaders
When Jamaica needed to reform how it built capacity for different levels of leadership in delivering education services, it turned to Malaysia. Specifically, Jamaica was interested in how to design and implement competency-based leadership development to increase the effectiveness of its education system leaders.
Providing country: Malaysia
Receiving country: Jamaica
Belize, Honduras, Jamaica, and Mexico Work Together to Strengthen Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Programs
Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programs in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) have improved the lives of millions of poor households across the region by improving children’s education and health (human capital), reducing poverty, and ensuring a minimum income for the poorest households.
Providing country: Mexico, Jamaica
Receiving country: Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, Belize
Applying Social Guarantee Approaches in the Eastern Caribbean
The World Bank’s 2006 Poverty Assessment Study outlined weaknesses in poverty reduction strategies in St. Lucia common to Caribbean countries. The St.