Enhancing Natural Resource Management in Africa
The governments of Cameroon and Ghana wanted to use oil and gas revenues more effectively to promote economic growth and reduce poverty. They also wanted to improve transparency and accountability in the sector.
Providing country: Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, South Africa
Improving Livelihoods of the Rural Poor in Vietnam
To address disproportionately high rates of poverty among ethnic minorities, the Government of Vietnam planned several national assistance projects in the poorest regions of the country.
Providing country: Bolivia, Brazil
Receiving country: Vietnam
Routine Maintenance of Rural Roads through the Concept of Microenterprises: Experience of Peru and Bolivia and its Applicability to Armenia
The Government of Armenia sought to develop a means of maintaining its roads system to assure sustained access of its rural communities to markets and services. In 2008, it launched the Lifeline Road Network Development Program to stimulate economic growth and contribute to poverty reduction by improving a selected network of lifeline roads.
Providing country: Peru, Bolivia
Receiving country: Armenia