Improving telecom services in Tunisia and Mauritania
To ensure universal access to affordable telecommunications services, Tunisian and Mauritanian officials engaged in an exchange with Turkey on ways to reform and liberalize their telecom sectors, with an emphasis on broadband.
Providing country: Turkey, Tunisia
Receiving country: Mauritania, Tunisia
Improving Solid Waste Management for Greener Growth in Romania
To improve solid waste management and reduce harmful emissions and their negative impacts on the environment, the Government of Romania participated in an exchange with Turkey.
Providing country: Turkey
Receiving country: Romania
Supporting Administrative Reform of Social Security in Vietnam
The government of Vietnam (GOV) wanted to reform its inadequate and corrupt social security administration in favor of a modern, fair, and transparent system. Although the government had outlined a strategy, it felt that the country did not have the institutional capacity to implement it, and so it looked to the World Bank for help.
Providing country: Latvia, Bulgaria, Turkey
Receiving country: Vietnam
Decentralization and Local Government Development Exchange between Tunisia and Turkey
The Government of Tunisia sought to move forward its decentralization agenda in response to citizens’ demands for more accountable, effective, and efficient government.
Providing country: Turkey
Receiving country: Tunisia