Tools for Knowledge Sharing

Every knowledge exchange initiative is a blend of instruments, activities, and delivery modes. This toolbox is your resource to plan for and select an appropriate mix to help participants realize their desired intermediate outcomes. It includes brief descriptions, practical how-tos, and case examples for a range of instruments and activities introduced in the Art of Knowledge Exchange Toolbox

Please select an instrument or activity to find the resoruces associated with it:

Instruments - Quick Glance 
Instruments are vehicles of knowledge exchange and can be used alone or in combination. This section includes guidance, practical how-tos, tips from the field, and case examples for the most frequently used knowledge exchange instruments. Do keep in mind that a combination or blend of instruments should be considered when you are trying to address entrenched development issues or complex challenges.

Long-Term Engagement Instruments


Quick Glance

Activities form the building blocks of instruments and this is where learning takes place. We hope the guidance you find below on each activity will help you in planning the mix and sequence of activities for your knowledge exchange.