Yemen and China Share Knowledge on Management of Coastal and Marine Areas
Yemen’s 2,250 kilometers of coastline and fisheries provide livelihoods to over 2 million people, but coastal zones have been suffering from lack of management, and fishing production in Yemen has been declining since 2006.
Providing country: China
Receiving country: Yemen, Republic of
Bringing Electricity to Rural Communities in Yemen
Yemen successfully provides electricity to urban areas, but many rural areas remain underserved. Although the Government of Yemen (GOY) had outlined a rural electrification plan, it lacked clarity on how to create, operate, and supervise the new nationwide Rural Electric Service Provider (RESP) .
Providing country: Bangladesh
Receiving country: Yemen, Republic of
Strengthening Water and Sanitation Systems in Yemen
Yemen faces natural water shortages because of its geographic location. The problem is exacerbated by weak institutional arrangements in the water and sanitation sector. Yemen is striving to address those challenges and achieve sustainable and efficient use of its water resources, which in turn can help the country’s economic development.
Providing country: Uganda
Receiving country: Yemen, Republic of
Strengthening Management of Protected Areas in Yemen
In 2008, the Government of Yemen declared the Arabian leopard as its national animal, recognizing the leopard’s endangered status and threats to its habitat, such as human population, prey depletion, and poaching.
Providing country: South Africa, Oman
Receiving country: Yemen, Republic of