Building a skilled workforce in Tunisia
Typically, attaining high education is expected to increase one’s probability of joining the labor force. In Tunisia, people with high education face a high probability of being unemployed. More than half of the Tunisian working-age population remains outside the labor force.
Providing country: Malaysia
Receiving country: Tunisia
Building Skills for e-Procurement in Tajikistan
The Government of Tajikistan wanted to keep up with the growth of e-governance as well as reform its public procurement system. Through the exchange with Malaysia, experts from Tajikistan learned about the importance of improving efficiency and transparency in the public procurement process.
Providing country: Malaysia
Receiving country: Tajikistan
Improving eGovernment Services in Uzbekistan: Knowledge Exchange with Malaysia to Develop Policy and Regulatory Capacity
The Government of Uzbekistan wanted to improve e-services to its citizens, businesses, and government for greater efficiency, data availability, and transparency. However, the Government lacked the appropriate regulatory and policy framework.
Providing country: Malaysia
Receiving country: Uzbekistan
Jamaica Learns from Malaysia to Develop Education Leaders
When Jamaica needed to reform how it built capacity for different levels of leadership in delivering education services, it turned to Malaysia. Specifically, Jamaica was interested in how to design and implement competency-based leadership development to increase the effectiveness of its education system leaders.
Providing country: Malaysia
Receiving country: Jamaica
Developing Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and Industrial Clusters in Africa
After learning about the success of East Asian countries in developing their economies and attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) through Special Economic Zones (SEZ), many African governments wanted to use the same strategy to improve their economic performance.
Providing country: China, Singapore, Malaysia
Improving technical and vocational education in Sri Lanka
The Government of Sri Lanka sought to develop a national skills development strategy and improve technical and vocational education (TVET). The World Bank helped organize an exchange with Malaysia, which had developed successful TVET programs.
Providing country: Malaysia
Receiving country: Sri Lanka