Strengthening the Female Youth Entrepreneurship Framework in Bangladesh
The knowledge exchange supported under the South-South Facility, was undertaken between Bangladesh:  Social Development Foundation, the implementing agency of the World Bank Nuton Jibon Livelihood Project (NJLP) and India:  Kerala State’s National Rural Livelihood Mission (Kudumbashree).
Providing country: India
Receiving country: Bangladesh
Increasing Tax Revenues and Transparency in Bangladesh
Tax reforms are demanding :Taxes are known for being one of “life’s certainties” but yet a difficult subject that generally raises strong views and negative sentiments.
Providing country: Vietnam
Receiving country: Bangladesh
Learning to Build National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) in South Asia
The Internet has become an integral part of the delivery of quality education nearly worldwide, except in countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal that lack easy, cost-effective Internet access. Wanting to address this academic isolation and improve higher education, these four countries approached the World Bank for help.
Providing country: Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam
Receiving country: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal
Learning Innovative Participatory Approaches in Addressing Informal Settlement Issues
The Government of Bangladesh recognized a need to ensure secure and affordable housing options for its urban poor at a time of rapid urban expansion. Toward this objective, the Government moved to develop a national framework for providing housing and shelter options for the urban poor and most vulnerable.
Providing country: India, Philippines
Receiving country: Bangladesh
Managing Traffic Signals to Alleviate Traffic and Reduce Pollution in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) is still using hand signals at nearly all traffic intersections. To reduce pollution and manage heavy traffic, DMP and agencies related to transport needed to learn to appreciate and finish implementation of a basic traffic signal system for key intersections throughout the city.
Providing country: China, India
Receiving country: Bangladesh