Health Sector Reform in Paraguay
Paraguay operates a fragmented health care system with three major health provider networks namely the Ministry of Health, the Institute for Social Security and thirdly, a range of private sector providers.
Providing country: Chile, Uruguay
Receiving country: Paraguay
Access to Markets and Value Chains for Indigenous People in Paraguay
The Government of Paraguay’s (GoP) National Development Plan (NDP) 2014-2030 focuses on eliminating extreme poverty. NDP includes the flagship program Sembrando Oportunidades (Sowing Opportunities) which seeks to increase income and access to social services for families living in situations of vulnerability.
Providing country: Brazil
Receiving country: Paraguay
Strengthening Service Delivery by State-Owned Enterprises in Paraguay
Paraguay undertook an exchange program with Chile and Peru to enhance the knowledge and skills of its decision-makers and technical staff to serve as input to develop an efficient state-owned enterprises (SOE) oversight system.
Providing country: Peru, Chile
Receiving country: Paraguay
Promoting Accountable and Inclusive Institutions in Paraguay: Learning from Access to Information in Brazil, Chile and Uruguay
With Paraguay’s Access to Information (ATI) Law recently approved, coordination of its implementation fell under the responsibility of the ATI Directorate of Paraguay. In order to address capacity gaps, this knowledge exchange with agencies from Brazil, Chile and Uruguay enabled the ATI Directorate to learn good practices.
Providing country: Brazil, Chile, Uruguay
Receiving country: Paraguay