Developing Early Childhood Education in Djibouti and Morocco
A knowledge exchange and peer learning activities were carried out for delegations from Djibouti and Morocco seeking to learn from Mauritius.
Providing country: Mauritius
Receiving country: Djibouti, Morocco
Improving Road Maintenance in Morocco
Morocco has set an ambitious goal for road improvement in its Road Strategy for 2015-2035: raise the proportion of roads in adequate condition from the current 54 percent to 80 percent by 2035.
Providing country: Uruguay, Argentina
Receiving country: Morocco
Knowledge and Experience Exchange on Integrated Water Resources Management Aspects between China and Morocco
To develop innovative and successful methods to address increasing water scarcity and over-exploitation of fresh and groundwater supplies affecting its agricultural industry, the Government of Morocco participated in an exchange visit to China.
Providing country: China
Receiving country: Morocco
Creating Jobs through Protecting Morocco’s Coastline
Morocco sought to learn from India’s success in dealing with coastal zone overexploitation to help address sustainable management of its coastal resources for rapid and sustainable growth, improved governance, poverty eradication, and better social conditions to benefit smallholder farmers and fishermen as well as private sector
Providing country: India
Receiving country: Morocco
Operationalizing Energy Efficiency in Morocco
Energy consumption is forecast to triple in Morocco as a result of its economic growth and fast urbanization. Especially given its very high reliance on imported energy, the Government of Morocco (GoM) has set ambitious goals to increase energy efficiency.
Providing country: Mexico
Receiving country: Morocco