Improving Public Expenditure Management in Mongolia and Lao PDR
With the continued economic growth of East Asian and Pacific (EAP) developing countries, public concern has increased about the appropriateness of and transparency around public expenditures.
Providing country: China
Capacity Building for Creditworthiness of the City of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
The city of Ulaanbaatar (UB) had reached a secure budgetary position to fulfill its goal for obtaining creditworthiness and issuing municipal bonds to mobilize financial resources. But it lacked the knowledge and experience to move forward.
Providing country: South Africa
Receiving country: Mongolia
Enhancing Capacity to Diversify the Mongolian Economy
Mongolia has successfully transitioned from a centrally planned to a market economy but remains overly dependent on its mining industries.
Providing country: Kazakhstan, Chile
Receiving country: Mongolia