Reviving and Improving the Diamond Industries of Armenia and Lesotho
The dismantling of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s led to the near collapse of the Armenian diamond cutting industry, which after a brief period of growth in the early 2000s has again declined. To rebuild the industry using global best practices and to increase access to raw diamonds, the Armenian government contacted the World Bank.
Receiving country: Armenia, Lesotho
Improving Transparency in Extractive Industries in Ethiopia, and Tanzania
Ethiopia and Tanzania are rich in natural resources, but both face questions on how to best govern the mining industry to ensure economic transparency and growth. The Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) helps address the development and governance challenges facing these and other resource-rich nations.
Providing country: Liberia
Receiving country: Tanzania, Ethiopia
Helping Adolescent Girls Succeed in Rwanda: A Knowledge Exchange between the Adolescent Girls Initiatives in Rwanda and Liberia
The Government of Rwandawanted to improve employment, incomes, and empowerment of disadvantaged young women through improved access to educational and entrepreneurial opportunities. It lacked the capacity to formulate and coordinate appropriate policy and training to achieve these goals.
Providing country: Liberia
Receiving country: Rwanda